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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jim Hightower on the Mortgage Crisis

Jim Hightower explains the mortgage crisis with handy toons.

And if you recall (they'll be a quiz later) Jim Hightower also explained why we're in Iraq and it's not about democracy or "helping" the Iraqi people, unless you define helping as killing about 600000 Iraqis. We're full of help over here. We're really there so that our puppet goverment can pass something called the Iraqi Oil Law, which Hightower explained here. Or as I described it earlier this is legalized plunder. Nobody talks about it, even the dems. It would be nice if they said that we're above killing hundreds of thousands of people and taking their stuff "christian" nation we are and all that....

Talented Youtube Director

And a talented Youtube director. As I suspected: He runs a design company. Check out this very very sexy vid (features Selma Hayek in a memorable scene...) he did for Cat Power's Lived in Bars. Better than most of Cat Power's professionally produced vids. The Pixies vid is good (that's below) is cool too.