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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Able Mable Thomas Channel

Friday, May 16, 2008

Two by the Mahavishnu Orchestra

I've been using this new video search engine called Truveo. With it, I found these very rare Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes posted by a girl from Belgium. What kind of woman is into the Mahavishnu Orchestra? The woman I would like to marry that's who.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

If I had money, and I could responsibly bank and if banks hadn't put me on that "list", then I would use Carousel Checks

I actually kind of don't have a bank account right now. Of course, the reason I don't have a bank account right now is that my cousin's stupid ass half brother wrote me a 300 dollar check that bounced all the way to high heaven.

But if had an account, or as I dream in my sleep, then I would want photo checks that I could put my favorite photos on. These would be the kinds of checks that would have my personal artwork on them or Ansel Adams or the Jim Starlin Warlock era kind of pics on them. Have I mentioned that my dreams are vast and will fill up the night sky? Or I would prefer personal checks that came customized with really cool designs on them Perhaps, say, crayons or a picture of a violin. That would show those fancy people at the fancy Target store that I had some class. Tell me when my dream has become all too surreal and Salvador Dali for you. Tell me when you would be forced to spurt out: "Phil, that's just crazy talk. Cut it out before your mad dreams compromise our very reality itself...!" But I wouldn't stop. I would continue my mad and dangerous Lathe of Heaven like dreaming. I would add a couple of cats, a loving perky gymnast wife and a job I liked that paid decently. Go ahead. Call me mad.

Oh, and I would to make sure I could find such a site that made such checks online. That's my quixotic dream of the day.

Finally: A Jazz Piano Version of Black Hole Sun

It's about time. Good job Brad Mehldau.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Loka vs. Koop Or Special Animation Video Music Bloodbath


Let's get it on! Just a couple of notes: Koop mostly does music by way of vocals. But this instrumental is very nice and of course the animation is beautiful. One very interesting thing I learned via Wikipedia: Koop consists of two Swedish guys who like to wear dresses, although that's not readily apparent in this live performance here. On second thought, the makeup comes through loud and clear. Does that mean they're artistic or really really gay? Can't tell. Great musicians and song writers though. Meanwhile, below, Loka is a brand new band on the scene. Here's what their myspace page says: "Loka's multi influenced aural excursions tell tales aplenty, but not necessarily with a happy ending." They remind me a lot of jaga jazzist.


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Why the Future Beats the Past or Why I Use Pay Per Post

When I began my writing career a very very long time ago in the early 80s you didn't have a lot of options in terms of publishing or places that you could publish. Here in Pittsburgh what that meant is that if I wanted to be paid for writing then I had to write for the Pittsburgh Press, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and perhaps the alternative weekly In Pittsburgh. That was it. My other option was chalk and sidewalk. Or perhaps hundreds of pages that would be written into a diary that no one would find or read and that I would probably misplace.

Now, if you're an aspiring writer, there's this thing called the Internet. There are so many ways to make money that I've lost track. Don't get me wrong it's not easy. Like anything worthwhile, you have to put a substantial amount of time and energy into it, but at least you have the opportunity. One of those opportunities involves the pay for blogging phenomena and one of the services I use is payperpost. Now, I confess, I can't afford a mansion by the sea from doing these posts but I can make a living while I write things that I find personally valuable and interesting. It's one of the very cool things about living in the future and makes writing in 2008 a whole lot better than writing in 1985. And the real cool part is that no one is stopping you from attempting to drive traffic to the site and make a living.

Zero 7 vs. Kitty Solaris

Also good live version of this song but not suitable for bloody ultimate fighting vid battle...Two band enter. One band leave. Two band enter. One band leave. Two band enter...You can learn more about Zero 7 at their official website. Sia, who often does their vocals, can be found here.

Kitty Solaris can be found here.

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Can't Stop Listening to This Tune

Can't stop listening to the video below.