The Acid Jazz Channel

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Catholics vs. Atheism w audience polling

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is the Old Acid Jazz Channel

Important Update: For New Vid Adds Go Here and Here (Widescreen!) Big screen version of Acid Jazz Channel. Got tired of looking for new videos. Note to Atrios: the kewl kids aren't creating old fashioned MP3 lists. They're creating their own television channels. I told you I'd have my vengeance Reginald Hudlin. Newest version of the Anti Bet on J/Anti Tony Mowad jazz channel. Actually, it's more than just acid jazz. There's straight ahead and a few rock tunes thrown in for good measure. Plus toons and politics. This is set on random play so every time you refresh the 80 230 350 502 1060 2100 4500 or so vids appear in a different order. You shall rue the day that you crossed me Reginald Hudlin. And Goddamn you Reginald Hudlin. Goddamn you and BET on J to Hell. More legal update: This is actually more of a search engine (me plus the tech). All of these vids are available on the public youtubes (or have been publicly available) and such. Vids that are copyright violations are often taken down. More Update: Fullscreen function fully enabled. ON the bottom right corner that's the box that's furthest to the left.