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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update on the Challenge

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Friday, May 08, 2009

ITEM: You know, there just has to be a primary challenge for Arlen. By the way, Arlen's track record so far: He won't switch on his vote on EFCA, he voted against the president's budget, he's helping block Dawn Johnson--one of the few progressives that Obama has even nominated--and today we find out that Arlen is still rooting for his good pal Norm Coleman of Minnesota. It would be one thing to do that before the race. It's quite another now that we now that Norm has lost and that the only way he could win would be yet another Supreme Court appointment/coup. Of course, why should some privileged senator actually have to deal with the bother of an election of and by the rabble anyway. It fits Arlen's privileged "Shouldn't I always be a senator?" viewpoint.

I guess the question is who could make the best run against Arlen. Joe Sestak seems to have gotten the most heat and the most mention, perhaps even not so subtle endorsements from the Daily Kos frontpage and even Atrios. Bad news about Sestak: he's against the public option on healthcare reform. Here's the short version of what that means: there is no real healthcare reform without the public option. Nothing changes.

There is another challenger, again out of the Philly area, and his name is Joe Torsella. He doesn't have a website and we don't know a lot about him. We think he was Rendell's boy which means he's center/right, or at least a guy who doesn't mind selling off public highways to rich people just like the governor. He has managed to raise a half million dollars. That makes him serious. Related: Early polling not looking good for Sestak vs. Specter, according to Open Left. Bowers does point out that its early. Observation: This is the kind of race where a well funded independent or Hollywood "Al Franken" liberal with significant resources should consider getting in. More Related: Funny line from my close and personal friend Markos:

But seriously, his arrogance is overwhelming, his obvious dislike for Democrats palpable. He's clearly telling us, "I switched to avoid Toomey, not deal with you fucks." And since Obama has clearly promised him support, come hell or high water (no matter how he little support or loyalty he delivers in return), he feels like he can shit on anyone with impunity.

I think Markos has learned a very important lesson: just having a big "D" doesn't make you a decent democrat. We really have to take a close look at the people running for office.