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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why Did Youtube ban these Obscure Jazzers and a King of Leon tune...

"After the Rain"
Uploaded by Steelydan

Above: This song was banned on YouTube. I sorta agree because we all know how popular jazz guitarists like Larry Coryell (left) Badi Assad (middle) and John Abercrombie (right) are. Makes perfect sense. Who asked for that ban? What jazz artists ask for bans? No one plays your music (including that awful former jazz channel Bet on J) and you want your only promotions pulled? Idiocy of the highest order. Below: A good rock tune by the Kings of Leon. And can't stop listening to: "Looks Can Kill" by Camera Obscura and "Failure" by the Kings of Convenience. Are the Kings of Convenience any match for the King of Woolworth's?

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