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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Loka vs. Koop Or Special Animation Video Music Bloodbath


Let's get it on! Just a couple of notes: Koop mostly does music by way of vocals. But this instrumental is very nice and of course the animation is beautiful. One very interesting thing I learned via Wikipedia: Koop consists of two Swedish guys who like to wear dresses, although that's not readily apparent in this live performance here. On second thought, the makeup comes through loud and clear. Does that mean they're artistic or really really gay? Can't tell. Great musicians and song writers though. Meanwhile, below, Loka is a brand new band on the scene. Here's what their myspace page says: "Loka's multi influenced aural excursions tell tales aplenty, but not necessarily with a happy ending." They remind me a lot of jaga jazzist.


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